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As one of the oldest and largest branches of the Indian Medical Association, the IMA Trivandrum Branch is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary this year.

The Medical Association was founded in 1933 by esteemed individuals, Dr. Raman Thampy and Dr. C.O. Karunakaran, who were renowned figures in the field of Public Health in the princely state of Travancore.

IMA Trivandrum has a remarkable legacy, having produced four National Presidents and eight State Presidents and over a dozen Leaders at state and national levels. This achievement reflects the fact that IMA Trivandrum is the central nerve center and the core of IMA activities in Kerala and throughout the country.

The Four past National Presidents namely Dr C O Karunakaran, Dr. VC Velayudhan Pillai, Dr. PV George and Dr. A. Marthanda Pillai, as well as the nine past State Presidents, including Dr C O Karunakaran, Dr. VC Velayudhan Pillai, Dr. PV George,Dr. K. Jayaram, Dr. Marthanda Pillai, Dr. Alex Franklin, Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Dr. Sreejith N Kumar, and the current State president, Dr. Sulphi, all belong to this branch.

IMA Trivandrum has been awarded multiple times as the best IMA branch in the country. The branch has a well-established office that provides support to its members.

Over the past 90 years, IMA Trivandrum has had the privilege of hosting several prestigious conferences, including state and national conferences. It hosted a national conference 56 years ago.

To commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Association, the branch is going to host a historic national conference during its ninetieth anniversary.

The current office bearers of IMA Trivandrum are President Dr. G S Vijayakrishnan, Honorary Secretary Dr. A Althaf, Immediate Past President Dr. Prashanth C V, Treasurer Dr. Abhilash Balsalam, and State working committee member Dr. C John Panicker.

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