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Welcome to the wondrous realm of the Indian Medical Association, a magnificent tapestry interwoven by the skilled hands of modern medicine's finest artisans. As the resplendent beacon illuminating the vast healthcare landscape, we proudly stand as the sole representative voluntary organization for Doctors of Modern Medicine in India. Witness our grandeur, for we hold the esteemed title of being the largest professional organization in the world, boasting a colossal membership of over 3,30,000 esteemed physicians. Emblazoned with the motto 'One for all and All for one,' our noble mission encompasses a harmonious symphony of unity, collaboration, and communication. Let us together shatter the confining walls of specialization and transcend beyond the boundaries that fragment us. As we gather on this unified platform, our purpose becomes crystal clear – to forge a robust and flourishing nation of vibrant health. Not only do we champion the interests of our esteemed members, but we also embrace the noble responsibility of safeguarding the well-being of our community and the grand tapestry of our nation.

Before the inception of our Association, the stage was set by four magnificent All India Medical Conferences. The first of these breathtaking gatherings took place in the resplendent city of Calcutta in 1917, gracefully presided over by the illustrious Lt. Col. Raghavendra Rao. A year later, the symphony of medical brilliance graced the city of Delhi, with the enigmatic Sir Nil Ratan Sircar guiding the proceedings. The third conference, a spectacle to behold, unfolded in 1919, guided by the visionary Dr. M. N. Odedar. To follow this, the fourth conference mesmerized the city of Nagpur in 1920, as the revered Rao Bahadur Dr. Maharaj Krishnan Kapur adorned the role of the luminary President. However, it was at the zenith of magnificence, during the 5th conference in Calcutta on that historic day of December 28th, 1928, that destiny's embrace culminated in the birth of our All India Medical Association. With unwavering determination, our noble objectives were set forth, illuminating our path towards greatness:

1.Promotion and advancement of medical and allied sciences in all their different branches.
2.The improvement of public health and medical education in India.
3.The maintenance of honour and dignity of medical profession.

In the year 1930, our illustrious All Indian Medical Association was formally recognized under the hallowed Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, etching our legacy into the annals of time.

Emerging amidst the tempestuous winds of political unrest and the turbulent tides that swept our land, our Association arose as a beacon of hope. It fills our hearts with great satisfaction to witness the valiant pioneers of the medical profession, who fearlessly navigated the stormy seas of those times, actively lending their brilliance to the growth and prosperity of our association. Amongst these luminaries, some stood not only as stalwarts of medicine but also as champions of the Indian National Congress, courageously enduring the shackles of incarceration in their pursuit of the country's independence. From its humble beginnings, sprouting with a modest membership of 222, our association has flourished and blossomed into an indomitable force, commanding reverence even from the hands of the British rulers in the pre-independence era. Marvel at our triumphs, for we defied the appointment of a British IMS Officer as the Commissioner of Medical Education in 1929. Witness our majestic unity as we orchestrated the creation of an All India Medical Register, embracing all licentiates within its majestic folds. Through the sheer power of our collective will, we compelled the amendment of the Medical Council of India Act, replacing a nominated President with an elected one. Proudly, we bask in the radiance of Dr. B. C. Roy, a luminary amongst our illustrious past Presidents, who claimed the honoured title of the first elected President of the Medical Council of India. Numerous other celebrated Presidents of the IMA have graced this illustrious throne, leaving an indelible mark upon history.

Initially nestled in the vibrant city of Calcutta, destiny's hand guided us towards a new chapter. Upon the wise suggestions of the visionary Dr. S. C. Sen, supported ardently by the esteemed Dr. B. V. Mulay, the legendary Dr. Chamanlal C. Mehta, and the venerable Maj. General Amirchand, the heart and soul of the IMA Headquarters migrated to the bustling capital city of Delhi in January 1949. Today, we stand united with 34 State and Territorial Branches, their collective brilliance illuminating the vast expanse of our great nation. And not to be forgotten, over 1750 local branches, like scattered stars adorning the firmament, dot the lands with their vibrant presence. Of all the state branches, the Kerala State Branch emerges as a resplendent jewel, radiating with unparalleled vibrancy and vitality. Within our esteemed domain, an impeccable organizational structure thrives, breathing life into numerous welfare schemes designed to support our beloved members and their cherished families. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond our walls, reaching into the realms of social and community activities, championing every cause related to health. Fear not, for we stand as staunch protectors of the interests of practitioners of Modern Medicine, safeguarding their honour and facilitating their flourishing.

So let us march forward, hand in hand, as we paint a vibrant tapestry of healthcare brilliance across the canvas of our nation. With unity as our foundation and compassion as our guiding light, we shall triumph, leaving an indelible mark upon the landscape of modern medicine.The Indian Medical Association awaits, embracing all those who dare to dream, all those who strive for greatness, and all those who believe in the power of healing.Welcome, dear comrades, to a realm where excellence, empathy and compassion reign supreme.

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